Tenant Application OLD

If accepted, the following persons will be living with me: (Only those approved by Metro Property Management will be permitted to live in this property. All persons over the age of 19 must be considered a Tenant not an occupant and must also complete the application).
(Max 10 Images)
An application deposit equal to 75% of the monthly rent is required prior to this application being considered for Tenancy. If the application is declined the deposit will be fully refunded. If you are accepted as a Tenant but decline to accept the premises applied for, for any reason, then the security deposit will not be refunded.
Personal information is collected from you identify you when we obtain a credit check, to make initial tenancy/credit approvals and related credit functions. I/We hereby authorise Metro Property Management to keep whatever personal information provided by me/us to them on file and use it for the purposes of obtaining consumer, credit, or personal reports concerning me/us from any consumer, credit or personal reporting agencies. Metro Property Management is not in the business of selling or providing client information to others.

I/We hereby apply to Metro Property Management for tenancy approval, and in doing so authorize any information pertaining to my/our credit and financial responsibilities to be obtained from a credit bureau, credit grantor, or any other investigative agency.

I hereby authorize Metro Property Management to obtain a consumer or other report containing personal and credit information from a credit reporting agency in connection with this application, either for credit/tenancy purposes or collection purposes, and I authorize release of such information. If this application is approve, I authorize Metro Property Management to obtain and disclose personal information onan ongoing basis from credit bureaus from information previously collected.